Yeah! Generic Motivation Poster [Free PDF Printout]

10/29/2021 by mitchrandom

Hi fren! Do you need motivation? Are you unsure what kind of motivation you need? Have you ever noticed this poster in some WebCanids comics such as "Workout Wolf" and "Foxy?" Have you ever wanted to have a copy of your own? Are you tired of answering questions?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you're in luck!

The below link goes to a Google Drive file where you can download a PDF of the poster to print out! The file is 11" wide by 17" tall, so you may need to find a larger printer to print it. In the U.S., places like FedEx (no affiliation) have printers that can print them for you for small fees of a few dollars. Also (if anyone needs this info, which is unlikely), the document color space is CMYK/8.

Find the PDF download here on Google Drive!

If you can't access a large enough printer and/or would rather just buy a copy, an alternate version of the poster (with larger sizes available) is on the WebCanids Redbubble merch store! Personally though, I would recomment printing the above copy yourself. It'll be way cheaper (a few dollars versus around twenty- Redbubble's margins mean I only see a few dollars of that so it's no big deal to me either way). If you really do want the bigger version, you can find it here on the store.

Enjoy, and stay motivated!
- Mitch

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